To facilitate activities, programs, services, partnerships, and events that support the usage, enhancement, conservation, and preservation of Mill Ridge Park for the health, recreation, education, and cultural enrichment of Southeast Nashville and Davidson County.



Mill Ridge Park as a destination park that welcomes the diverse community of Southeast Davidson County (and beyond) with facilities, programs, services, activities, and events for outdoor activities, recreation, and education through productive partnerships and sustainable resources facilitated and bolstered by a successful FMRP.


Our work, in pursuit of our mission, is guided by an organizational value of the following:

  • Healthy and active living

  • Inclusion, diversity, culture, shared space

  • Equitable access to outdoor space and recreation

  • Environmental protection, nature conservation

  • Historical preservation

  • Sustainability

  • Partnership

  • Agriculture

Our Team

Board of Directors

Cristina Allen
Caliente Consulting Joanna Conley
TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center
Councilmember Jacobia Dowell
Metro Council District 32
Ben Freeland, Chair
Freeland Management and Auto
Angela Goddard
Joe C. Davis Foundation Sharling Grummon
Leah Hashinger

Katrina Howchin-Tucker

Kevin Hudson, President
Dollar General

Jackie Jones
Metro Parks & Recreation
Marshall Kelly, Treasurer
Bridgestone Americas
Chimen Mayi
Renaissance Hotel

Susan Rice, Secretary
Freeland Auto   
Wesley Trigg
Community Health Systems

Staff Members

Darrell Hawks, Executive Director

Regional Advisors

Including local elected officials, residents, employees, employers, educators, community organizers, environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and more.  

Contracted Professional Services

Strategic consulting by Hall Strategies
Bookkeeping by Imagine New
Graphic and Web Design by Circa Design





Our startup is made possible by foundational support from:


Our future is sustained by the generosity of partners and donors: